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“We have the advanced training to diagnose all ten elements that can cause moisture and air quality issues at your property.  This allows us to recommend the proper solution, not a band aid, we address the root of the problem. I have seen it many times over, if a company only does encapsulation and sand, that’s their recommendation to correct the problem regardless of the cause and outcome.  We have developed current and new methods to guarantee the correction of all ten elements that can cause a moisture or air quality issues”……..Mike Yurcak owner                                                                                    water-globe

Advanced Training:

                • structural drying.   
                • mold remediation in commercial, military and residential structures.
                • psychometry, moisture, air quality.
                • building science air flow trends, research, field testing, and development.

Successfully Completed 600 + Structural Drying Mitigations 1700 + Mold Remediation Projects. Successfully corrected over 2600 + crawl space moisture and air quality issues. Served on the national disaster team for Katrina.



  • Over 35 years proudly serving Hampton Roads.robot-man
  • Awarded Utility Patent for the process of negative air drying in buildings with moisture, mold and air quality issues.
  • Leader in benchmark and industry standards for crawl space moisture, mold and indoor air quality.
  • Manufacturer, developer and inventor of proven industry equipment, procedures, moisture solutions, and air quality solutions.









Help us get standards and certifications in place to be required for companies inspecting moisture and air quality issues.  See our “Let’s Get Standards Set in Place” article.


12 years developing protocols for diagnosing and correcting crawl space moisture and air quality issues in buildings (air quality and moisture management program).


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