” I want to thank everyone for all of the high praise, it is a true blessing to earn a living doing what I love.  I believe in high standards, results and developing our technicians to these same qualities and the integrity that sets us apart from the standard in the industry.”



Mold Remediation Testimonial                                                            Diane – Virginia Beach – 2013

The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was extremely knowledgeable about mold growth crawlspace moisture and air quality. He explained the possible sources and what steps I needed to take to get it remediated. I was put at-ease right away by the confident and clear explanation given to me and hired Gilbert & Son on the spot. The technicians arrived at the time they said they would and started work right away. Once they looked at the issue I was having they clearly explained to me the mold I was seeing was just the surface and some more invasive testing would need to be done to determine the extent of damage. Once they set up machines for safety, they able to show me other areas directly affected. They quoted me a fair and reasonable price, started the work, (and boy! Was there a lot more mold there than I could have ever imagined), and removed all the mold that was causing myself and my son some health issues. I didn’t realize until the mold was completely removed and my son and I stopped coughing, our eyes and nose stopped running and we overall felt better, that I our health issue was being caused by that mold. We had been breathing that stuff!! We’ve felt great ever since! I highly recommend this company!!! I was also educated on moisture problem and moisture control to help prevent any further problems about moisture in the crawl space. Their professionalism, their attention to detail, their knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the air in my home that my son and I breath is CLEAN AIR and not contaminated air is in a word….priceless.


Ductwork Retrofit  Testimonial                                                             Linda – Virginia Beach – 2013

Description Of Work:
Repaired and insulated duct work in crawl space under the house.

I was just about ready to throw in the towel.  The crawl space under my house was a disaster.  Rusted duct work.  Insulation in shreds, pipes disconnected and yes some were even missing.  The outside door to access the crawl space was so worn and rusted out that critters were finding their way in.  It was like this when we bought the house.  No one had anything positive to say or offer.  That is until Mike with Gilbert & Son / Clean Air Solutions showed up to take a look and gave me an estimate.  He said I had great structural duct, it just needed some serious repair.  His estimate beat everyone and the outcome he was describing almost sounded too good to be true.  They cleaned all the metal duct.  Patched and wrapped any hole with this great mastic.  The insulation was not that paper backed fiber mess that just drips and comes apart with any moisture.  This was a mesh insulation that wrapped around the duct and cut down on sweating.  They found missing duct and added that in at no charge.  They put on a door that will never rust or break down.  Then Mike had his crew circle the house looking for any tiny crevice that critters might make their way in, and those places were sealed.  If duct can look pretty doggone sexy……..mine did.  They worked so hard in the blazing heat.  I just kept the lemonade flowing and they were happy.  Clean Air Solutions goes top notch and state of the art.  They set out to provide you with quality air conditions that you have to breath in every day.  Imagine if you had to breath in mold spores 24/7 from a wet dank space under your house.  The germs and the smell DO come up into your home if they exist.  I highly recommend Mike and Clean Air Solutions.  They do their homework and know the score.


Crawl Space Moisture / Mold                                                                   Bob – Virginia Beach – 2007

I was looking for a solutions for my crawl space, it have mold and moisture issues.  My termite company wanted to put 2 dehumidifiers in which was very expensive.  The problem was they could not offer any guarantee for moisture or air quality.  My contractor then referred me to Mike and his NAS Crawl System.  He offered a solution that not only guaranteed the moisture levels and air quality, it was less than the dehumidifiers.  He monitored my crawl space showing me readings as it was drying down.  The air in my home is better than it has ever been, the squeaks I had in my wood floor completely went away and my electric bill is actually lower running the system than without.  I am an engineer at Stihl and have to say this technology makes sense but more importantly they guarantee the results and prove it.  Great Job!


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