Crawl Space Moisture and Air Quality Solutions

home-standardKey Points – N.A.S. Crawl System™

 “There are twelve  years of development in the NAS Crawl System™ patented process. This product guarantees that the crawl space moisture content will stay below 20% and that the crawl space will be under negative pressure, eliminating the flow of contaminated crawl space air into the  home.”   Mike Yurcak, Inventor of NAS Crawl Space System™

 Stops elevated moisture levels that attract termites and enable mold growth


  • Specially engineered air movers produce high CFM and static airflow to pull moisture out of wood and insulation at a low power usage. Air movers are 1650 CFM, Exhaust 1750 CFM, .45 amps. TENV(totally enclosed housing), thermally protected and rated for continuous duty.
  • Guarantees to keep the crawl space at a safe moisture level, when properly installed and operated.
  • Mold and fungus are prevented from growing by keeping safe moisture levels below 20%.home-nas

Prevents contaminated air from entering the home through the crawl space

  • Up to 60% of the make-up air in a home comes directly from the moldy environment of the crawl space. Because the crawl space is at a higher pressure than the inside of the home, moldy, contaminated crawl space air automatically flows into the home.
  • When chemical spraying is done in a crawl space (i.e. pesticides and fungicides) the spraying process disturbs many more mold spores which, along with the chemicals, infiltrate the home.
  • Exhaust fans and vent covers create negative pressure in the crawl space so that the air flow is reversed, flowing from the home into the crawl space where it is then exhausted outside.
  • Vent covers also inhibit hot humid air from freely flowing into the crawl space, reducing mold growth and keeping the sub floor cooler/warmer to reduce HVAC expenses.
  • Guarantees to eliminate the flow of air from the crawl space into the home.  This will eliminate the flow of mold spores and other chemicals, from the crawl space into the home.

 Improves indoor air quality by creating air exchanges in the home

  • An air intake or vent is installed on the first floor of the home allowing a small amount of indoor air to be exhausted out through the crawlspace.
  • On average, one air exchange of outdoor air is brought into the home each day.
  • Chemicals, mold spores, and contaminated air will not infiltrate a home from the crawl space while the system is running due to the negative pressure created in the crawl space.
  • Air exchanges are created in the crawl space by exchanging contaminated air with fresh air.

 Is energy efficient and in line with green standards

  • The entire system runs on less than 3 amps.
  • The system keeps the crawl space about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in the summer months.
  • A cooler crawl space means a cooler sub floor and floor.  This will enable the HVAC system to run less, thereby reducing energy consumption of the home.

 Is simple to install and maintenance free

  • The average system can be installed easily and requires less than $500 in electrical work to prepare the crawl space for the NAS Crawl System™.
  • Run the system through the spring, summer, and fall. Turn it off through the winter.  No system maintenance required.
  • Very affordable and significantly contributes to preserving home value and individual health.


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