ductwork retrofit


  • Years ago when metal ductwork was installed, it was not a high priority to                                                                       secure and seal the fittings together tightly.hand-globe2
  • The older insulation installed absorbs moisture and usually starts to deteriorate.
  • It will typically have many leaks.

The ducting retro fit will seal the ductwork better than new flex duct by doing the following:

  • Old inefficient insulation is removed.
  • Every seam through the entire duct line is  secured with metal screws, sealed and taped.
  • We use a LEED certified fiber base mastic applied to seal the duct line. This will dry and act like an air cast to seal the ducting at its fittings.
  • A heavy duty 3m tape is then wrapped around each seam.


Then the key element is a duel sided thermal barrier wrapping that encases the duct lines. This ducting wrap will thermally protect the line on both sides instead of just one side as in traditional duct insulation.




The end result is a more efficient duct line system than can be retrofitted at a lower cost than new flex duct lines.  

Call us for an inspection of your metal ductwork to determine if it qualifies for this money saving process.  (757) 495-6669.


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