The majority of the time, insulation CAN be saved.

  • Insulation does not go bad if it has moisture or mold growth.
  • In many cases you can correct the moisture issue, then the deterioration will stop.
  • Do not have it removed just because it is wet. Replacing it with new insulation will become just as wet.

However, insulation will deteriorate over time but it takes many years.

Removing and not replacing the insulation will completely take away the energy saving value you had. If the insulation is moldy, there will be mold throughout the entire crawl space.  Correct moisture problem first so the new insulation does not become contaminated.

The key is to stop the moisture issues that are causing the problem.

When needed we install:

  • A vapor retardant fully wrapped insulation.
  • Perforated vapor retardant open to the crawlspace to let out moisture build up.
  • Less mess from fiberglass fibers flying around.
  • An exhaust system is set up to run during the installation.  This is safer for the technicians and the home owner.  Fresh air circulates through the crawl space and airborne fiberglass particles cannot enter the indoor environment.
  • Well-pinned sections.

With our insulation, we are able to provide a clean, well hung product that holds great R-value to help you save on your bills.