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Air Testing

We provide affordable air sampling and analysis

  • Air testing will determine the amount and type of mold that is present in the inside air compared..
  • There is a standard protocol to remediated mold trained and followed by our mold technicians.

If you can see mold growing, it is not necessary to always test it.  Find the source of moisture is key.  Air testing is productive when information is needed to help determine the source of mold. It is also necessary when hidden areas may have hidden mold.

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Please consider the following when you’re looking for air testing

It is recommended when there is visible mold identified, some times it is best to save your money and apply it towards the remediation or clean up process.

Our air sampling will test for live and dormant mold spores (viable and non viable), dust, dander, and fibers. To help you understand the findings, we will analyze the lab report with you.

Note:  There is not a treatment for mold when present, it has to be remediated or removed.

More accurately the “prevention” not “treatment” is to identify the source or sources of moisture causing the mold growth.

Our trained specialists can determine the source as well.

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