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Crawl Space Moisture and Air Quality Systems

Key Points – N.A.S. Crawl System

  • Maintains Safe Moisture levels Preventing fungus growth and wood rot Guaranteed
  • Prevents all mold, VOC’s and bad air in the crawl space air from entering the home Guaranteed
  • Creates fresh air exchanges in your crawl space
  • Creates better air exchanges for your indoor air

The NAS Crawl System keeps your crawl space dry with engineered drying fans made for the damp environment.

The exhaust system send the bad crawl space air to the outside through  he vent and prevents the crawl space air from entering the home.

The system is 100% maintenance free!

It runs on low electricity, 4 times less than dehumidifiers.

The equipment comes with a transferable extended warranty 5 times longer than a dehumidifier.

The equipment life expectancy is over 15 years and has been keeping homes in Hampton Roads dry for 20 years.

standard home cross-section
standard home cross-section

Improves indoor air quality by creating air exchanges in the home

  • An air intake or vent is installed on the first floor of the home allowing a small amount of indoor air to be exhausted out through the crawlspace.
  • On average, one air exchange of outdoor air is brought into the home each day.
  • Chemicals, mold spores, and contaminated air will not infiltrate a home from the crawl space while the system is running due to the negative pressure created in the crawl space.
  • Air exchanges are created in the crawl space by exchanging contaminated air with fresh air.

Is energy efficient and in line with green standards

  • The entire system runs on less than 3 amps.
  • The system keeps the crawl space about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in the summer months.
  • A cooler crawl space means a cooler sub floor and floor. This will enable the HVAC system to run less, thereby reducing energy consumption of the home.

Is simple to install and maintenance free

  • The average system can be installed easily and requires less than $500 in electrical work to prepare the crawl space for the NAS Crawl System.
  • Run the system through the spring, summer, and fall. Turn it off through the winter. No system maintenance required.
  • Very affordable and significantly contributes to preserving home value and individual health.
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