Foundation Maintenance: Preventing Problems Before They Begin

The most important part of your house is the foundation, which needs to be maintained to keep it strong. Regular foundation care and inspections can help avoid concerns like foundation cracks, settling, and other problems that may threaten the stability of your home. This blog post will go through different precautions that families can take, like good drainage, good landscaping, and regular inspections, to avoid foundation problems.

Proper Drainage

The first step in avoiding foundation problems is good drainage, which makes sure that water flows away from your foundation as soon as it rains. This is made possible by both surface drainage and underground drainage. Gutter and drainage systems, slope leveling around your house, and other techniques are used to create surface drainage, which shifts rainwater away from the foundation. Subsurface drainage involves French drains or other drainage systems that lead water away from the foundation’s perimeter. These solutions are beneficial to ensuring the foundation stays stable.


The role of landscaping in foundation maintenance can be underestimated. We recommend avoiding planting trees too close to your home, especially those with interfering root systems that can cause the soil to shift. In addition, avoid adding mulch or soil over the base of your home, as this can retain moisture and lead to foundation damage. Finally, always ensure that your landscaping practices are in line with good drainage practices to avoid any damage to the foundation

Routine Inspections

Regular foundation inspections by professionals can help spot minor issues before they become major problems. Foundation experts can identify warning signs such as moisture, cracks, shifts in the foundation, or structural issues in the basement. Scheduling regular professional inspections is necessary to ensure your home is always safe and secure.

Crack Repairs

If you’re noticing any cracks in the foundation or basement walls, address those issues right away. Minor cracks can worsen over time, leading to significant damage that can be costly to repair later. The good news is that many reputable foundation repair specialists have a diverse range of methods to fix cracks, such as epoxy injections. With the expertise of professional repair specialists, you will ensure your home’s foundation is secure and sound.

Foundation Maintenance

Address Issues Immediately

The truth of the matter is that foundation damage can worsen rapidly, making timely action important should you spot any problems. If you do notice any issues that need addressing, contact a professional foundation repair company to fix the problem to prevent it from escalating into a major issue.


Proper foundation maintenance is essential to ensure your home stays secure and stable. Proper drainage, good landscaping practices, and routine inspections are all proactive measures homeowners can take. If you do spot any issues, getting expert help is the next step. For more information on foundation repair solutions, contact Gilbert & Son Foundation Repair; we’re happy to help!

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