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Moisture Inspection

These are the areas our technicians will be inspecting and testing during a crawl space or interior moisture inspection

  • Moisture readings
  • Water / moisture intrusions or leaks
  • Rising water
  • Excessively Sweating ducting
  • Excessive Ducting leakage.
  • HVAC not working properly cooling or dehumidifying properly.
  • Improper coverage of vapor barrier.
  • Excessive leakage of crawl space air into the home.
  • Amount of growth on crawl space joists and beams
  • Is the growth fungus or mold growth

We are trained to identify and efficiently repair all the elements that cause mold and fungus growth and we guarantee our work.

Diagnosing the root of the problem is key in eliminating the source. This will permanently correct the issue along with the secondary problems that occur from it.

Whether it is the yard, crawl space moisture or interior, the advanced training our technicians complete will enable them to identify the correct problem or problems to recommend the proper solution.