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Water Diversion Systems

Water diversion systems, or commonly known as french drains are used to divert water away from the home and crawlspace. This will stop water intrusion in the crawlspace or home.

  • Water diversion systems can be installed to move water out of the yard.
  • We design and install the system to properly drain through natural pitch or a pumping station. Whichever is applicable.
  • Once the main system is installed, all surrounding areas can be tied in to this system, even at a later date.
  • Gutters can be tied into our system, gutters will expel a lot of water when it is raining. This water will eventually make its way into the crawl space or home.

We follow specific procedures to keep the installation process as clean as possible.

  1. The drainage components are wrapped to help protect sediment or clogging that could compromise the efficiency of the system.
  2. Gravel is spread evenly along the water capture sections to provide quicker drainage.
  3. Back filling the trenches with the previous top layer with grass or granite rock will give a clean professional look.

In certain situations where a pitch cannot be obtained, a pumping station will be used. These stations allow massive amounts of water to be diverted to a desired are. Using the same processes but with different equipment, a pumping station is very efficient.

  • We have tested pumps for our pumping station and use a commercial grade pump.
  • In addition, we manufacture and modify certain equipment for our water diversion system to get the best results in the industry.