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Elements That Cause Moisture and Air Quality Issues in the Home or Crawl Space:

  • Water / moisture intrusions.
  • Over sweating ductwork.
  • Rising water.
  • Ducting leakage.
  • HVAC not working properly.
  • Improper coverage of vapor barrier.
  • Crawl space air getting into the home.
  • Water leaks.
  • High humidity.
  • High water table.
moisture inspection in va beach

We are trained to identify and efficiently repair all the elements that will cause moisture and mold issues.

Diagnosing the root of the problem is key in eliminating the source. This will permanently correct the issue along with the secondary problems that occur from it.


  • Your crawl space wood moisture content (mc) should be below 28% over the entire crawl space to prevent fungus growth.
  • Mold can grow. on wood over 20% mc, it does not rot the wood.
  • Wood can start to rot from fungus growth 28% mc and higher.

KEY: The contaminated air and harmful VOC’s in your crawl space can be kept from entering your home. Controlling the moisture is key, exhaust systems can also keep crawl space air from entering your home and create Fresh Air Exchanges.

Our Crawl space and moisture control solutions are guaranteed in writing and our trained technicians not salesmen will accurately diagnose the source of the moisture.

Air Testing is also available to accurately trouble shoot hidden mold.

NOTE: Sprays, fogging, or treatment WILL NOT eliminate the regrowth of mold and fungus.  Eliminating the source of moisture causing the growth will.  This will cause mold and fungus to stop growing and become dormant.