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Moisture Issues

We are trained and certified to identify and correct the source of the moisture problem.  We will guarantee an accurate assessment, guarantee the work we perform and review the work completed with our customers.

Services and Inspections

Trained and certified technicians NOT salesman will accurately inspect your property.  We will document the recommendations and perform the repairs to current building code.  All work is guaranteed.

Air Quality and Mold

We can visually inspect, take moisture readings or provide air sampling and lab analysis to for your home or building.  We can write the protocols to to mitigate the mold / fungus and save you money.


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Elements that cause moisture and air quality issues in the home or crawl space

  • Water / moisture intrusions.
  • Sweating ductwork
  • Rising water
  • Ducting leakage
  • HVAC not working properly
  • Improper coverage of vapor barrier
  • Crawl space transfer rate of contaminated air
  • Water leaks
  • High humidity
  • High water table
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  • Your crawl space wood moisture content (mc) not humidity should be below 20% over the entire crawl space.
  • Mold grows on wood over 20% mc.
  • Wood can start to rot when moisture content exceed 28%.
  • Fungus can only grow in the crawl space when it is too cold for mold to grow, typically below 70 degrees.

KEY: The contaminated air in your crawl space should be kept from entering your home. It does not die or go away even when the crawl space is dry.

Crawl space moisture control should have a guarantee in writing. There should be accurate moisture readings before and after the work is done. Air testing should be performed to show air quality improvement.

NOTE: There is not any type of spray, fogging, or treatment that will eliminate the mold in your crawl space. Mold has to be physically removed from the crawl space.

“We guarantee the results of these elements with digital moisture readings, before and after air sampling and a guarantee in writing. The constant feedback from our customers and clients allows us to continue developing better solutions.”

We have submitted some of our research, studies and development in the post section of this website.

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