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Water Drainage Solutions: Moisture Control is Paramount!

Water damage can occur when water drainage comes from the roof and into the yard near your foundation.  If the water doesn’t drain properly your home needs a water diversion system.  When water gets into places it doesn’t belong, it can wreck havoc on your home if it is not properly controlled. Moisture control is Paramount! Problems can come from water getting into the crawlspace where it can sit and create mold and mildew problems, structural problems, and even air quality problems.


We manufacture and modify certain equipment for our water diversion system to get the best results in the industry for our clients.

Water Diversion Design and Installation by a Professional Water Drainage Company

Whether it is the slope of your yard or gutter spouts being too close to your foundation bringing water and moisture into your crawl space or the interior of your house, the advanced training our technicians complete enables them to identify the source of the problem and to recommend the proper solution.

We design and install a system that will properly drain through either a natural slope or a pumping station, whichever is best suited to the particular project. In landscapes where slope cannot be obtained we use a pumping station.  This allows a massive amount of water to be diverted to a desired area.

Water Diversion Solutions for Your Foundation/Crawlspace

Gutter Extensions

Installing gutter extensions is one way to drain water away from the foundation of the house.  By diverting the water to another area where the water can be better absorbed or drained away entirely is a really good use of downspout extenders.  In some cases we use extensions together with french drains for the maximum results.

French Drain

Water diversion systems called french drains are used to divert water away from the home and crawlspace. A french drain around the interior or exterior foundation of your home is simple and lasts the life of the structure.  French Drains eliminate the problems of water infiltration and enhances the resale value of the home.  We can find the source of the problem and can tell you if you need an interior french drain, a deep french drain, a curtain drain or a footing drain. 

Vapor Barrier

Once you have eliminated the water problem, a proper moisture barrier will waterproof your crawlspace to ensure there are no more problems.  We believe a professional vapor barrier crawl space installation is a key element in every crawl space. It is the first line of defense in fighting moisture and humidity in the crawl space.


If you think you may have a moisture issue in your home, we are here to help you. Call us at 757-495-6669 today to learn more about our moisture control / mold removal services. We will come to your property and perform a full moisture inspection to determine what the issue is and whether there is mold present. If mold is not obviously visible, we will perform an air quality test to determine if mold is indeed present.

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    Water Drainage System FAQ's

    How do I divert water away from my home?

    A french drain or gutter extenders or a combination of both will move water away from your homes' crawlspace and foundation.

    What is a French Drain?

    A french drain is a way to divert water from where you don't want it to a place where it won't cause problems. It is a trench that is dug and pipes laid to force the water to move. French drains are used in crawlspaces, around the foundation of your house and in your yard to manage low spots.

    G&S 5 star review

    "I called Gilbert and Son for a Second Opinion and I'm Glad I did." - Bradley Jones

    "Had some structure issues in my crawl space so originally I called a local termite company, they came out and said I had a eight rotted beams and a bunch of broken floor joists. They gave me a $20,000 estimate so I called Gilbert and Son for a second opinion. The owner Mike came out and looked in the crawl space and informed me that I had one rotted beam and two broken floor joists and then explained why that was causing my floor to sink. They were able to fix everything and install a new vapor barrier for under five grand. I’m so happy I called them and escaped being ripped off by the termite company. The technician Paul and his helper were very clean and professional and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend this company. Keep up the great work guys!"

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    G&S 5 star review

    "I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of mold or crawl space work." - Etta S.

    I called because I had the smell of mold in my house and standing water in my crawl space. Gilbert and Son came out and did a free estimste. After I booked the job, they were on time professional, and cleaned up after themselves. The work and price was spot on. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of mold or crawl space work.

    G&S 5 star review

    “My cough cleared up after they fixed my crawlspace” - Janet

    My crawl space had a great deal of mold, so Gilbert & Son installed a great deal of sand to fill in low spots and put down a vapor barrier. They were terrific, and an added benefit was that a cough I had had for months cleared up shortly after that. (Apparently, I have a mold allergy.) All the work was done professionally, as promised.

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