​In Home Air Quality Testing for Mold

Your home is a system. When water intrudes where it does not belong it becomes a problem for that system.

Many water leaks are easy to detect in the normal day to day routine, but other moisture problems can be difficult to detect and diagnose. It’s easy to see if you have a leak in your laundry room or a plumbing issue, but water can go where you don’t see it, and that can become a bigger issue.

If you see mold in your home or have extensive water damage, then it is best to remediate the problem and then test to confirm the problem is fixed. If you can’t see mold but smell musty odors, or have had a long term moisture problem, it is best to get a air quality company to come out and do a test, especially if there are health problems with anyone in the home.

Air sample tests can tell you what sources of indoor air pollution are giving you problems.  Pollutant sources may include:

  • mold spores
  • dander
  • fibers
  • fungal spores
  • pollen

10 Facts About Mold That You Should Know

  1. Indoor and outdoor mold spores are around us all the time and are usually not a problem.
  2. Mold spores only bloom and become active when they are in contact with any kind of moisture for 48 hours or more.
  3. Moisture is the reason for mold. If you control the moisture, you control the mold.
  4. Fix any water leaks around the house to prevent moisture and mold.
  5. Decrease your mold growth by reducing indoor humidity using more ventilation in your home.
  6. You may have mold if you smell a strong musty odor.
  7. If visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary.
  8. Sampling is useful to determine if a site has been adequately remediated.
  9. Pollen and mold can cause allergic reactions for a significant portion of the population.
  10. Molds and mildews can release disease-causing toxins.

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    Air Quality FAQs

    What is Air Sampling?

    Air sampling is a way to gather the data necessary to measure the quality of indoor air and determine what contaminants it may have.


    What Does Air Quality Testing, Test For?

    There are many types of pollutants that can be in your air, the things that are tested for are: 

    • Gases
    • Vapors
    • Dusts
    • Fumes
    • Mists
    • Fibers
    • Molds

    Are There Indoor Air Quality Standards?

    There are no Federal, EPA or OSHA standards or regulations for mold standards.  The EPA does provide guidance, which you can find on their website or download on our resources page.

    Is Sampling for Mold Needed?

    If you can see mold, then no, you don't need to sample the air at first, but you need to get the mold remediated.  Once the mold removal is complete it's good to have the air quality tested to make sure the problem is corrected for good.

    If you don't see any mold but suspect it, then yes you should get your air tested.

    "We are whole and thriving now, our home is safe, and our crawlspace is healthy"

    I have been trusting Mike and Paul with my home for years now. Due to the age of our home and its dual crawlspace -- as well as some bad dealings with unreputable "mold companies"-- Mike and Company have had to do more remediation and drying work on our home than initially expected. But Mike treats us like family, and our home like his own. He is honest, professional, will not rip you off, only does work required, not scared to roll his sleeves up and get dirty, and is a true mold remediation expert. My family member's have a genetic ultra sensitivity to mold, and Mike' diligence has kept us from having to move out. We are whole and thriving now, our home is safe, and our crawlspace is healthy (without encapsulation). Talk to Mike today. He will help you with your issue and not take advantage of your situation.

    "I had a mold allergy, after Gilbert and Son fixed my crawlspace, the cough I had for months cleared up"

    My crawl space had a great deal of mold, so Gilbert & Son installed a great deal of sand to fill in low spots and put down a vapor barrier. They were terrific, and an added benefit was that a cough I had had for months cleared up shortly after that. (Apparently, I have a mold allergy.) All the work was done professionally, as promised.

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