Air Quality, Crawlspace, Mold & Moisture Inspections

Getting an Inspection is your first-step to solving your problem.  See the reasons you should call G&S for an Inspection today!

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Professional Inspections by the Experts at Gilbert & Son

  • We only send qualified, certified technicians to inspect your property, NOT Salespeople.
  • Trained and certified to identify and correct the source of the problem.
  • After inspection we evaluate the best approach to take for your individual circumstance.
  • You are guaranteed an accurate assessment and we document all our recommendations.
  • Repairs are completed to the current building code and engineer standards.
  • Research, studies and reports are posted on our resources page.
  • All work completed is reviewed with our customers.
  • Class A Virginia Contractor
  • 100% Guarantee

What Causes Air Quality, Crawlspace, Mold & Moisture Problem?

There are many elements that cause moisture and air quality issues in the home or crawlspace.  These are some common problems:
  • Water or moisture intrusion
  • Sweating ductwork
  • Rising ground water
  • Ducting leakage
  • HVAC not working properly
  • Improper coverage of vapor barrier
  • Crawl space transfer rate of contaminated air
  • High humidity
  • High water table
We only send trained technicians NOT salespersons

Gilbert & Son Solutions

We’ve been in business for a long time, over 50 years!  And in that time we have seen a lot and completed over10,000 inspections and projects.  Each and every one of them were unique, just like yours.


Our competitors get mad at us, because we always do what we think is right.  And sometimes our solutions don’t cost anything near what they charge.   You see we lead the industry because we think… well, not just outside of the box but around the corner too.  And with the constant feedback from our clients we are able to continue developing better and better solutions.


See our Resources page for downloadable guides from the EPA and Industry Organizations.

Inspections & Detection

Finding the source of the problem during your inspection is what is most important because without finding the cause, you cannot properly fix the problem.  Sometimes water and mold hide themselves very well and can go unseen and cause a lot of damage.  Our technicians don’t stop until we uncover the root of the problem, the result is that you know that the problem will be resolved for good!

Removal & Remediation

MOLD REMEDIATION – We have performed mold remediation for over 20 years. From a small laundry room project to serving on the national disaster team for Katrina.  It’s essential to have extensive experience in mold inspection because many times the damage can be unseen. We understand the mold growth patterns which allow us to properly estimate the mold removal cost.  In addition to mold, we have moisture solutions for your foundation, your yard, or our innovative solutions for drying out your crawlspace. And to make sure your home is 100% healthy.


STRUCTURAL REPAIR – As a Class A Contractor with the State of Virginia, if we find that you have structural problems, we are able to deal with it immediately.  Whether replacing rotted out joists, beams or subflooring, we have the experience and plain old know-how.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We’re incredibly proud of our workmanship. We stand behind our work 100%.  The quality of our service is Top-Notch! Our promise to you is this:  If you ever have a problem with a solution we have put in place, just call us and we will make it right!

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10 Reasons to Call Gilbert & Son

We Send Trained Technicians to Your Home - NOT Salesmen!

- See Why We Are Different

Our Patented Solution

Awarded Utility Patent for the process of negative air drying in buildings with moisture, mold and air quality issues.

Inventor. Developer. Manufacturer.

Manufacturer, developer and inventor of proven industry equipment, procedures, moisture solutions, and air quality solutions.

Leader of Industry

Leader in benchmark and industry standards for crawl space moisture, mold and indoor air quality.

Air Sampling and Lab Analysis

We can visually inspect, take moisture readings or provide air sampling and lab analysis to for your home or building.

We Write Protocols that Save You Money!

With our vast knowledge gained over years of testing and analysis, we prescribe the protocols that will mitigate mold or fungus and save you money.

Trained. Certified. Licensed.

- Structural repair

- Water and sewage damage restoration
- Advance crawl space moisture and air quality control
- Mold remediation and mold inspections commercial and residential
- Psychometry and structural drying
- Air quality assessment and analysis
- Real estate closing letters
- Training Seminars

Over 50 Years of Service

We have successfully completed over ten thousand crawl space repairs, mold remediation, air quality assessments and drainage mitigation projects over the past 50 years.

Trained and Certified Technicians - Not Salesmen

We only send trained and certified technicians to your home to asses and diagnose, we don’t send salesmen!

Our Work is Documented and Guaranteed!

We will document our recommendations and perform the repairs to current building code. All work is guaranteed.

Streamlined Inspection Reports and Estimates

Our streamlined inspection reports and estimates with complete pricing breakdown sets us apart from our competitors.

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    Gilbert and Son Services


    Our inspections find the source of the problem.

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    Crawlspace Mold, Moisture and Air Quality Detection and Remediation

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    Air Quality Sampling

    Mold is always around us but not always active.

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    Mold & Moisture

    Mold becomes active when it is exposed to moisture for 48 hours or more.

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    Foundation Repair

    Foundation Problems can be wide ranging and unspecific until you get someone under your house.

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    Water Drainage Systems

    You want to move water away from the foundation of your house.

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    "I had the smell of mold in my house"

    I called because I had the smell of mold in my house and standing water in my crawl space. Gilbert and Son came out and did a free estimate. After I booked the job, they were on time professional, and cleaned up after themselves. The work and price was spot on. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of mold or crawl space work.

    "I’m so happy I called them"

    Had some structure issues in my crawl space so originally I called a local termite company, they came out and said I had a eight rotted beams and a bunch of broken floor joists. They gave me a $20,000 estimate so I called Gilbert and Son for a second opinion. The owner Mike came out and looked in the crawl space and informed me that I had one rotted beam and two broken floor joists and then explained why that was causing my floor to sink. They were able to fix everything and install a new vapor barrier for under five grand. I’m so happy I called them and escaped being ripped off by the termite company. The technician Paul and his helper were very clean and professional and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend this company. Keep up the great work guys!

    "My termite inspector even commented on how well done it was"

    Very professional. They did an excellent job! My termite inspector even commented on how well done it was.

    Gilbert and Son - Experts In Mold, Moisture and Foundations
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