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Vapor Barrier

A properly installed vapor barrier is a key element in every crawl space.

It is what will slow down the moisture that permeates into your crawl space from the wet ground below.

This barrier provides a protective coating to the crawlspace ground and around the foundation to help reduce:

  • The fumes, smells and VOC’s (or gases that produce fumes than can be harmful) that flow into the crawlspace from the ground and ultimately enter the home.
  • The ground moisture that permeates into the crawl space and ultimately absorbed into the wood and insulation.
  • The moisture that will cause ductwork to excessively sweat.

The key to an efficient vapor barrier is to cover as much exposed ground as possible. It has to be installed tight, wall to wall and cut around the piers.

All vapor barrier installations are cut and installed unique to each situation.

  • Installed and cut around piers.
  • Install over, around, or under obstacles.
  • Under sagged wiring.
  • Under maintenance pipes or lines.
  • Wall to wall.
  • We also can install vapors barriers up the interior of the outer foundation wall were applicable.
  • The vapor barrier is pinned down over the entire crawl space.

An efficient, clean, professional look is the end result.