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French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation

French drain installations are a type of water diversion system which is used to divert water away from your home and your foundation or crawlspace. A french drain offers a much more desirable alternative to keeping your crawlspace and/or yard water free and it does so without having to rely on moving parts and electricity. They cost nothing to operate and have no moving parts that can fail over time.


A french drain exterior foundation is a simple solution to keep your foundation water free and will last the life of the structure. They eliminate the problems associated with water infiltration and enhance the resale value of your home. Using one will stop water infiltration into your crawlspace or into the basement of your home.

As your foundation expert you can count on us to design a custom water diversion system for your home and yard for it's specific terrain, slope and grade.

Stop Water Intrusion

French drains are an especially important solution for water diversion from crawl spaces and foundations in the Hampton Roads area due to our high-water table and our seasonal rains and storms.  Without a drainage system, many crawl space moisture problems can occur enabling mold and mildew to flourish in your crawl space.



French drain solutions can vary from home to home based on the foundation or crawl space moisture problem that is being addressed and as your foundation expert you can count on us to design a custom water diversion system for your home and yard for it’s specific terrain, slope and grade. In some instances we use gutters along with a french drain as a solution, because the water must be diverted away from the home and can not be allowed to accumulate near the crawl space or foundation.

As experts in our field, we will design and install the best system to properly drain through the natural pitch of your yard both near your foundation and leading away from it or perhaps creating a French drain within the crawlspace itself.  99% of the time we will fix problem with little or no equipment which frees the homeowner from having to maintain a system which has moving parts or requires an electric feed.

A French drain installation will avert many crawlspace and foundation problems the costs for installation are far less than the costs associated with replacing wooden members within your crawlspace if they become damaged by mold and mildew.

We will take the time to review the system with the homeowner and provide a complete French drain diagram to the upon completion which will clearly show the French drain pipe installation. Once the main system is installed the surrounding areas can be tied into this system if necessary and if required we will construct a French drain basin. Since gutters can expel a lot of water during heaving rains, we can also install a downspout to the French drain from existing gutters or newly installed gutter extensions can also be tied into the drain system.

What ever the design we will follow specific procedures to keep the installation process as clean as possible. Drainage components will be wrapped to help protect them from sediment or clogging or anything that could compromise the efficiency of the system. Gravel will be spread evenly along the water capture route/sections in order to assist in providing quicker drainage.

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    French Drain FAQ's

    French Drains vs. Gutters?

     Both offer a great solution to diverting water away from your home, but it depends on the problem you are trying to correct.  Sometimes we use one over the other and sometimes we use both.

    What are French Drains?

    French Drains are are a type of water diversion system which is used to divert water away from your home and your foundation or crawlspace. They are also used to divert water from low lying spaces in your lawn.

    French Drain Installation Pictures

    G&S 5 star review

    "I called Gilbert and Son for a Second Opinion and I'm Glad I did." - Bradley Jones

    "Had some structure issues in my crawl space so originally I called a local termite company, they came out and said I had a eight rotted beams and a bunch of broken floor joists. They gave me a $20,000 estimate so I called Gilbert and Son for a second opinion. The owner Mike came out and looked in the crawl space and informed me that I had one rotted beam and two broken floor joists and then explained why that was causing my floor to sink. They were able to fix everything and install a new vapor barrier for under five grand. I’m so happy I called them and escaped being ripped off by the termite company. The technician Paul and his helper were very clean and professional and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend this company. Keep up the great work guys!"

    G&S 5 star review

    "I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of mold or crawl space work." - Etta S.

    I called because I had the smell of mold in my house and standing water in my crawl space. Gilbert and Son came out and did a free estimste. After I booked the job, they were on time professional, and cleaned up after themselves. The work and price was spot on. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of mold or crawl space work.

    G&S 5 star review

    “My cough cleared up after they fixed my crawlspace” - Janet

    My crawl space had a great deal of mold, so Gilbert & Son installed a great deal of sand to fill in low spots and put down a vapor barrier. They were terrific, and an added benefit was that a cough I had had for months cleared up shortly after that. (Apparently, I have a mold allergy.) All the work was done professionally, as promised.

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