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Crawl Space Inspection / Foundation Repair

Crawl Space Inspections & Foundation Inspections:

Your home is a system, and every part of that system plays a role that affects the rest of the structure.

If your crawl space or foundation begins to rot, grow mold, hold moisture or experience structural problems, this will extend to every part of your home. You’ve come to the right place for crawl space inspections!

At G&S, we specialize in crawl space problems of all types. We offer free foundation crawl space repair quotes in the Hampton Roads / Virginia Beach / Chesapeake area. Whatever your issue, we have the products and experience that you need to find the best solution.

Crawl space repair will help you avoid unnecessary repairs, create a healthier living space, and save money on your utility bills. And once you’ve encapsulated your crawl space with a vapor barrier, you’ve gained valuable storage space in your home.

Crawl Space Repair / Foundation Repair:

Wood in a crawl space need to be inspected with a pin moisture meter before any crawl space repair is recommended.

We DO NOT use the claw of a hammer and chop away the wood and recommend it be replaced.

If wood starts to soften 1/4 inch at the edges, it does not need to be replaced. Typically this wood is 6 to 8 inches in height. This small area of softening will not compromise the structural integrity of the wood. It usually has to be about 1/2 inch or more to be deemed needing replaced.

The repairs we make are for only what is needed. In addition we have custom made aluminum I-beams to help support the section needing repaired. This is the most safe and efficient way to perform structural repairs.

Our crawl space repairs include:

  • Joists
  • Main Beams
  • Piers
  • Subfloors

We have even developed structural skeleton support boxes to shore up areas of soft sub floor. This is a fraction of the cost of sub floor replacement. More importantly it will not open your indoor environment to the contaminated air of the crawl space.